Did Jasmine Star Not Learn From Her Mistakes?

Jasmine Star was once voted to be a “Top 10 Wedding Photographer in the World,” and one of the “Top 5 Most Influential Photographers” in her branch. Her work graced the pages of the world’s leading wedding publications and she was featured in industry publications alike. She claimed it was the business of her dreams and started teaching entrepreneurs on how to do the same.

However, the second stage of her career probably didn’t go down as smoothly as she would have hoped. Some three years ago, brought to light how Jasmine had been plagiarizing inspirational quotes on Instagram and Facebook. After trying to spirit it away by deleting some of her posts, she eventually sort-of admitted by seemingly sincerely apologizing on Facebook, promising she would change.

But it seems like she’s having a little trouble with actually doing so. Three years after she “let people down with my social media interactions,” Jasmine seems to be at it again, once again publicized by

This time, SSP concludes there is some “heavy inspiration” to be found in Jasmine’s blog post “Insipiration Is For Amateurs,” when compared to a quote from Chuck Close. More and more people are agreeing with the findings and are trying to confront her with them. Some of those reactions seem to “disappear” after a while, suggesting that Jasmine might be trying to cover things up again. So far there’s been no official reaction from Jasmine, but we’re patient to see if one will ever come.

UPDATE 08/25/16

After reaching out to Jasmine for a comment, we received this reply on Wednesday:

Many thanks to the kind people who pointed out that this post strikes similarities to a Chuck Close quote. I am—and remain—totally inspired by who he is. I read his words and it stirred the desire to write my thoughts on Inspiration. My apologies for not attributing inspirational credit to him, but you can find his full quote where I first discovered it HERE. The similarities in words in like “do the work” and “waiting for lightening to strike” and “inspiration is for amateurs” were never intended to take credit for his words, but, rather, a distinct reflection of the verbiage I use with regularity, which blurred the lines of attributing credit. And this was a mistake. To those I’ve offended, I apologize. To those who’ve extended support and grace, thank you. – Jasmine Star

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  • @photogoofer

    I attended a workshop about 5 years ago where she spoke. I wasn’t all that impressed with either the presentation or the images. Then this first instance of this appeared. I quit paying attention to her at that point. To be honest, I can’t recall a single image of hers. Now I wonder if she shot any of them at all.

  • Steve

    She is a nice person but as far as her knowledge I would look else where.

  • Bob Ray

    Jasmine clearly hasn’t learned the basic foundation of all business which is honesty. She plagiarized three years ago – quasi-apologized for that – and now here’s dejå vu which brings into question her ethics, credibility and trustworthiness. Why anyone would consider Jasmine for photography, baby-sitting their pet or even acknowledge her presence in the photography industry baffles me. What else has she ‘borrowed’ and presenting as hers? She’s an embarrassment and should be embarrassed by her behaviour. Obviously, she doesn’t care. Neither should we about her …

    • You can’t fix stupid

      Totally agree. Her writing is what sells her. What she posted isn’t even considered an apology.

  • ManFromGlad

    She may have stolen the ideas, but this instance was not verbatim plagiarism. Maybe she read this herself years ago and the ideas stuck with her?

    • You can’t fix stupid

      Funny how she misses out the longest sentences that she copied right? She only shows a few words to make it look like it isn’t a big deal. Read hers and read his and you will see that it is the same.