Peak Design Everyday Messenger 13-1

Size Doesn’t Matter, Peak Design Everyday Messenger 13 Is Even Better Than Original

I thought I had found the perfect messenger bag with the original Peak Design Everyday Messenger…until they released the smaller Everyday Messenger 13. With just a slightly smaller footprint than the original Everyday Messenger (now dubbed the Everyday Messenger 15), this bag strikes the perfect balance between swallowing a small kit of gear while staying lightweight.

Peak Design Everyday Messenger 13-3
The same great design, just a little smaller

I already featured the Everyday Messenger 15 in my roundup of essential gear I take out on every shoot, so I was excited to get my hands on the smaller Everyday Messenger 13 and compare the two after a month of use. The 13 keeps the same design elements, smart features, and quality construction as the 15, so the only question you have to ask yourself is which size to get.

For me, the 13 is now my primary gear bag for when I’m out shooting a gig, having just the right amount of storage for my standard set of 2 DSLRs with 2 lenses. If I’ll be going somewhere that requires a flash, I can easily stash one on top and the flap top will adjust to accommodate it or anything else I add on, like a rain jacket. If I’m out shooting personal stuff for fun, the bag is a perfect size for a mirrorless camera, film camera, and extras.

Peak Design Everyday Messenger 13-2
Plenty of room left after dropping in (left-to-right) a 5 pack of film, light meter, Fuji X100T, and Fuji GA645.

The size difference between the two Everyday Messengers is more subtle than you might think, but the split works out just right. I’ve found the 13 really limits how much gear I can bring out, forcing me to only bring the bare essentials…which is what I want when carrying a small kit anyways. The 15 is fully capable of fitting in loads more gear than the basics, including multiple flashes and accessories, which has led me to take out more than I need sometimes. I like that the 13 keeps me in check, which in turn keeps my back happy. The smaller footprint also covers less of my actual back, so I don’t get as hot with it on compared to the 15. That might be a small factor for some, but for someone like me who sweats easily, less material on my back is a good thing.

Peak Design Everyday Messenger 13-4
The original Everyday Messenger 15 on the left, Everyday Messenger 13 on the right

While I’ll still use the Everyday Messenger 15 as a laptop bag (I work off a 15″ Macbook Pro), the Everyday Messenger 13 has taken its place as my favorite bag for carrying an essential camera kit. Both messengers are also great all-around bags, such as gym bag or even a diaper bag. You can purchase the Everyday Messenger 13 in charcoal grey or heritage tan.

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