Drone Captures Unique Footage of Bridal Entrance

As drone usage rapidly expands beyond its original focus on landscape and environmental imaging, weddings may very well become the next holy grail. Because if there’s something to learn from this amazing new Kaveret video, it’s that drones can capture stunningly beautiful footage of your special day.

Kaveret is a company of four creative content creators, with divisions in Israel, California and New York. One of those creative spirits is Adam Rubin, who used a DJI Phantom 4 to film a sunset bridal entrance at the Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Beach, California. The video is part of a thirty minute feature, part of the couple’s wedding package.

In 4K resolution, we can see how the bride is given away and how white doves are released to celebrate the magical moment. But we can also see how people are not only paying attention to the happy couple – they are fascinated and sometimes even taking pictures of what’s happening above their heads. Isn’t it a shame to distract your guests with this fancy new piece of technology? Furthermore, one might wonder if the noise the Phantom 4 usually makes, did not disturb.

“Not at all,” Adam reassures, adding that the music during the ceremony made the drone even more discrete. So, even though flying a drone isn’t Adam’s “main thing,” we gladly believe him when he tells us that “people were amazed by the outcome of the video.” Therefore, he plans to use drones more and more, “every time different and better,” even though he found out how “it’s almost impossible to get a three minute smooth long shot with different kind of movements.”

Robin is a journalist from Belgium, looking to find his way in the Big Apple. Very interested in music, photography and nature.