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Impress Clients with Quality Wall Art from WhiteWall

If you’re not offering your clients professional fine art prints, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to separate your business from the competition. While things like canvases and framed prints used to be viewed as high-end items, their ubiquity has driven them to the bottom of the pile when it comes to creating value for your business. Just this week I was in a CVS to quickly print out a passport photo for my son and above the Kodak kiosks I noticed that there were some rather sad examples of prints that you could make with your digital files. Right next to the standard 4×6’s and calendars was a 16×24 canvas, complete with unremarkable corner work and bad color density.

In the film heydays of wedding photography, a good piece of wall art was a matted and framed archival print produced from a reputable lab. Maybe you’d buy a nice frame for it to really set it apart, but in most regards there wasn’t a lot of variety in terms of actual construction and the equation remained the same — print + matte + frame = art. Along with the shift to digital photography, there was a parallel swell of innovation on the printing side, resulting in dozens of new categories for products that just didn’t exist before.

At the beginning of the year, I realized that one of the places I needed to improve my business was to offer more exciting options for clients to showcase their wedding photos. I was offering the standard canvas print and a few other options, but from the client’s perspective if they could order a canvas print from someone like CVS, why would they order it from me at a much higher price? Sure…I was producing mine from a professional lab that consumers didn’t have access to, so the quality was definitely better. But that required a whole lot of education to make the client understand those differences, and a quality product shouldn’t need any education. A client should see it and just know.

So after lots of research, I kept coming back to one company in particular — WhiteWall. Based in Germany, they have an impeccable way of producing a quality product that really sets them apart from others that I considered. (There’s good reason why “German engineering” carries the connotations it does.)

The first piece I produced with WhiteWall was a 16×24 acrylic “floater frame” of a portrait I took of Kathy & Nick, recent clients of mine that got married at New York’s City Hall. We captured one of my favorite portraits of the year as we made our way down into the subway, and I was so excited to get this piece back and see it in person.


Everything about this piece is amazing, from the quality of materials used to the construction. There’s even a seal of quality on the back stating how long the piece is guaranteed for. Nothing on this piece says “I was made as cheaply as possible, please don’t value me.”




I met up with Kathy & Nick after work at their favorite neighborhood bar and when I presented the piece to them, Kathy gasped as soon as it was unwrapped. It’s now found a place in their home, and Kathy says “We had a chance to hang up the print this weekend in our bedroom and it looks amazing – we are SUPER in love with it.”


So do yourself a favor and step up your product offerings with some of the many products WhiteWall offers. They’ve even made it easy and enticing by offering our readers a 20% discount on orders over $200 until the end of August.

Jon Lemon is the Editor-in-Chief of Resource Weddings and head of JC Lemon Photography, a wedding photography studio based in New York City. Known for capturing true moments of love in a modern and relaxed style, Jon also specializes in elopements (intimate weddings) in the NYC area. Being a self-taught photographer that slowly built up his business while working a desk job, he knows that any insight into running a better wedding photography business is advantageous in this competitive area of the photography industry.