How a Pre-Wedding Shoot Outraged an Indian Royal Family

The mesmerizing ancient Palace of Mysore, in the southern province of Bangalore, could be one of India’s most astonishing locations for many different kinds of photography. With more than 6 million annual visitors, this piece of architectural grandeur nearly tops the Taj Mahal as the country’s most popular tourist attraction. Only… Capturing images of the inside is completely prohibited.

However, a young Indian couple somehow recently managed to stage a romantic pre-wedding shoot inside the palace’s fancy, but highly secured Durbar and Kalayan Mantap halls. And if they hadn’t posted a video of this event on social media, it would have probably gone unnoticed. But they did, and when it went viral, even the Royal Family got outraged.

Authorized (L.) vs. very unauthorized (R.) Indian wedding photography
– on YouTube by courtesy of 7 Rainbows

The video shows the couple enjoying love and happiness in a few intimate poses. They didn’t physically damage anything, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t violate the property’s sanctity. Furthermore, the Mysore Royal Family is yet to release official pictures of this part of the palace. And there is an upcoming Royal wedding in the same location, between the heir-to-the-throne Yaduveer Krishnadatta Wadiyar and Trishika Singh, on June 27.

The mere fact that they got inside with a photographer, raises a lot of eyebrows. Locals say such a shoot is impossible to conduct without the cooperation of officials. The place is, after all, guarded by armed police and CCTV surveillance. So now the couple, their family, the image maker(s) and the palace board officials are all in serious trouble.


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