Showit 5 Release Announcement

Showit Unveils Their All New Website Designer

Showit has retooled their website designer and launched their new Showit5 online web design software. Their new release blends the flexibility of a WordPress blog with the ease of designing a website using drag & drop tools and simple interfaces. Make every tweak and changes you want, all without having to know a single line of coding. The way Showit5 works is it allows you to start with a website template, just like the one below, then customize almost every area with your own text, links, photos and even change the design.

Showit5 Vertical Template

Simply by clicking each area, it opens the menu on the left where you can tweak the settings, text, links, etc. This gives you true ultimate flexibility that is based off a template design as a starting point, but eliminating the tedious coding portion as well as the alignment issues users face with typical WordPress templates. With 8 templates to start with (and a promise to be adding more), you can likely find an initial design that fits your needs then tweak it to taste.

Showit 5 web templates

One of the great advantages of this service is anytime you want to design a new site, its as simple as making a new site while your current one is still running smoothly without having to get into databases and subdirectories. Each template also comes standard with both a desktop and mobile site which lets you design each one independently.

Showit5 Mobile Website

The Showit group also has online help files, user communities and if you get truly stuck, help from the developers themselves. This is the same model other companies have been using with great success and helps keep the cost down. There are 3 pricing tiers. Stand alone website, website with a blog and a website with an advanced blog which allows for custom plugins, migrating your current blog, etc) all available for a small monthly fee which covers the software and hosting.

You can sign up for a free trial which lets you check out the software, reserved your website domain and build your site. (You must use the Google Chrome browser to build the actual site).

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