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Reflecting on Photography Contracts

Some photographers may consider it a red flag when clients ask questions about their contract, but I’ve come to appreciate it. I recently followed up with a couple regarding their contract, asking, “Did you receive the link to review and sign your contract?” I ended with, “Please let me know if you have any questions.” I want assurance they received it, but I want them to realize I value communication and clarity as well.

A short delay in receiving a signed contract back is generally a good thing in my experience. It means they’re finding the time to sit down and carefully review the contract – not just to read what it says but to understand how they’re covered and what they’re receiving. And in essence, understand how their photographer is covered as well. The alternative is immediate signatures and confirmation the document is signed and completed. I’m not saying a quick turnaround is an indication no one read it and understood it, but I think there’s a little extra sense of subconscious security when I know one of my couples took at least 24-48 hours to respond.

Wedding photography contracts advice by Mikkel Paige Photography for Resource Magazine.

It’s even better when they reply with questions. I’m prepared to answer them and truly want them to know I care about every aspect of their interaction with my business — from initial inquiry, to signing their contract, to giving any extra effort possible on the wedding day before and after.

Subjects I really want my couples to understand are in the contract, including things like our need for a pre-wedding meeting two weeks before their day, or that their photographers need to eat and be fed when working 6 hours or more (or we’ll pass out, thanks!….no that’s not my contract wording so don’t copy/paste it!), or when they can expect their images.

My contract has morphed alongside my years of growth in this industry (just about 8 years and counting) and it’s a tool I take seriously. I value having it in my toolkit as a business owner. Done right, a contract protects both sides of the equation. (On that note, you should always have a lawyer review your contract as it is a binding legal agreement.)

So when my couples reply with questions for further clarification or tell me 48 hours later they’re looking forward to reviewing it together over the weekend when they have time after a busy work week…I am grateful and smile, knowing they’re taking it seriously and reflecting on it too.

Mikkel Paige is dually based in Raleigh, North Carolina and New York City. Her background in planning has taken her from the creative teams at Disney Imagineering and Universal Creative to her proudest venture of owning her own wedding photography business. Her vibrant style and personality resonate with fun loving couples around the globe; she has photographed weddings close to home and as far as Norway. Photographing couples and wandering the world are her true passions and she's often on the road, which she writes and blogs about as well at