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Mother’s Day Roundup: Wedding Photographers Reveal How They Pay Special Attention To Moms

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so I reached out to a few awesome wedding photographers to hear how they cater to moms during, before, and after the wedding day. Everyone has a different approach, but the common goal of all of these great tips is to be proactive to ensure the moms are being fully included in the photography experience and coverage. Remember that good customer service doesn’t mean just providing that good service to your couple, but also their families — and perhaps most especially the moms.

Jeremy Chou of Jeremy Chou Photography

Mothers Day Tip Jeremy Chou

I always make sure to include the mom in the getting ready portion of the day. Most of the times the moms would sit on the couch or be in another room while we are shooting bride getting ready. I would always invite the moms to get fully dressed first and come help their daughters with the final touches. It creates a special moment on the wedding day and my brides always cherish these little moments!

Bud Johnson of Common Spark Media

Mothers Day Tip Common Spark Media

Maybe I’m traditional or antiquated, but I love and respect my elders. Not only do we owe so much of who we are to those who raised us, but one day we’re going to be raising others ourselves. Personally and professionally I seek the approval and guidance of those older and wiser than me, and think it’s so important the mothers of my couples are happy with their children’s wedding photography. I’m a huge proponent of same-day slide shows; I briefly edit 50-60 photos from my main camera’s card and transfer the files to an iPad. I first show the Bride and Groom their photos, but immediately make a bee-line for the moms right after. If I’m also hosting a Photo Booth I make a note of the mom’s favorite 10-15 photos from the slide show, print those photos out 4×6, and include a custom Nolia co. leather satchel exclusively for the moms. An album is great, but the leather satchel will 100% wind up at the mom’s work the following Monday, so she can show off all the amazing photos of her happy children to all of her co-workers. Not only making the mom your biggest fan, but also an excellent source for great word-of-mouth referrals. Respect your elders and it will return ten-fold.

Leaha Bourgeois of Popography

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Telling the story of the bride and groom is ideally the most important story of the entire wedding day. But it is important to remember that the mom has also dreamt of this day. She is going through emotions, exhaustion, excitement all while hosting family and friends. This day is very important to her and she deserves to be celebrated for raising such a beautiful daughter and helping host a gorgeous event. Highlighting her time through out the day is valuable time and gorgeous photos. The mom will speak just as highly as the bride will about her relationship with you. It’s worth taking the time to tell the Mother of the Bride’s story, too. With all of this being said, it is very important to include both of the bride’s and groom’s moms. It is a very important day for them as they let their child go into marriage and at the same time welcome a new family member into their family. That is a LOT! Give them images to look back on and talk about for generations to come.

Kate Noelle of Kate Noelle Photography

Mothers Day Tip Kate Noelle

Moms generally give so much of themselves to the planning and excitement of their child’s wedding day. To show them a little extra love and gratitude, I’ve been gifting them La Rousse antique glass boxes containing photo prints wrapped with a pretty silk ribbon along with a note saying “You did good, mom.” I think so far, brides have reported happy tears every time.

Shannon Cronin of Shannon Cronin Photography

Mothers Day Tip Shannon Cronin

If time allows on a wedding day, I adore getting portraits of the bride’s parents and groom’s parents. It’s an important day for them too and the moms especially have put a lot of time into picking the right dress, getting gorgeous and probably into planning as well — they deserve a portrait with their love too! I’m usually met with surprise when I ask if I can borrow them for a minute but they always are happy with those images and it’s a little moment of a wedding day that I love!

Ashley Fisher of Ashley Fisher Photography

Mothers Day Tip Ashley Fisher

As a mom and someone who didn’t have her mother at her wedding, I always carve out time for the moms with their children and give them an opportunity to share their feelings. This mom bought a card the day the bride was born and gave it to her. They were both crying. I also make sure the makeup artist stays around so they can get touched up […] before I do this.

Heather Richardson of Heather Richardson Photography

Mothers Day Tip Heather Richardson

I […] always go up to [the mothers] and say “This must be a big day for you too, if you need something let me or my second shooter know” and the crazy thing is that when I do this they ask for less!!

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