Wedding Insights for 2015 by Mikkel Paige for Resource Magazine.

2015 Wedding Market Insights Recap

The Knot and Wedding Wire recently released some wedding market insights based on 2015 data, and the results are important to note. Analyzing insights from past years helps us understand what direction the industry is heading towards; understanding the past assists in growth for the future. Here are some important points that stood out from both studies, which you can find here on The Knot, and here on Wedding Wire.

  • Wedding guest count decreased while spending per guests increased. It’s becoming increasingly important for a couple to focus on quality, not quantity, giving their friends and family a more intimate experience.
  • Season and weather remain the #1 factors influencing a couple’s wedding date, but statistics show summer is fading out! Though summer nuptials will never go out of style, fall is increasingly favorable. Winter is a popular time for proposals and engagements while the opposite seasons are popular to tie the knot.
  • 50% of weddings in 2015 occurred on just 25 dates. Saturday, of course, remains #1 for weddings.
  • Destination weddings are in. An astonishing 49% of people polled on The Knot wed over 200 miles from home, making far-away destinations increasingly popular.
  • Modern couples, modern finances. Gone are the days of the bride’s parents footing the bill. It’s much more modern for couples to help contribute to the wedding bill, in addition to the majority of the money their parents kick in.
  • Most couples leave it to the pros to plan and execute their wedding, with about 10-13 pros hired per wedding (between wedding planner, photographer, videographer, etc.).

As professional photographers, all of this bodes well for a great 2016 and beyond. Couples are leaving it to the pros, getting married in months that are more agreeable for us to be on our feet running around all day, and things are generally moving in a modern direction with endless destinations as backdrops for the big day.

Mikkel Paige is dually based in Raleigh, North Carolina and New York City. Her background in planning has taken her from the creative teams at Disney Imagineering and Universal Creative to her proudest venture of owning her own wedding photography business. Her vibrant style and personality resonate with fun loving couples around the globe; she has photographed weddings close to home and as far as Norway. Photographing couples and wandering the world are her true passions and she's often on the road, which she writes and blogs about as well at