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Track Client Document Viewing with DocSend

One of the most important client interactions is the initial one, when you receive a wedding inquiry and then email out your packet of information. But what happens to it after that? Today we’ll take a look at one tech company that has focused on a solution for just that.

DocSend is a document analytics and tracking platform that takes your PDF delivery from a guessing game to a data-driven powerhouse. Essentially, it’s a PDF document repository and management system with three main features: know who views your documents, see how much of it they viewed (and for how long), and maintain control over your document even after sending it out. I’ve been using DocSend for about a month now to email out my three main marketing materials and now I can’t imagine doing business without these analytics.

One important thing to note throughout this walkthrough and screenshots is that because I use an automated workflow to send my documents out, I do not take advantage of the individualized, email-specific link generation that gives you an even finer grain view on your analytics. I’ll point out where this would differ and how it could benefit you.

The Client View

Before we dive into the document management side, I’ll quickly highlight the two client-facing views for your documents. First, it’s an online PDF viewer — pretty straight forward and basic. Whenever someone visits one of my DocSend links, I get an email notification with a summary of how much of the document they viewed, how long they spent viewing the document, their location, and what device they were using.

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The other view you have, though, is to actually drive an interactive PDF presentation. You would do this while having a client on the phone or Skype and then while both using a shared URL, you actually walk them through the document and point out things as you go.

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The Document Management Side

When you first login to the document management side, you’re greeted with an analytics dashboard that gives you a high-level slice of your viewing stats. I honestly don’t use this too much and just focus on the document-specific stats that you can dig into through your Documents tab.

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The documents tab is your PDF repository and where all of your document management will occur. From here you can upload new documents, manage your team (if you’re under the Pro plan), and work on each individual document. Diving into my weddings info packet, you’re taken to a page that highlights all of the stats associated with that particular PDF and a section to configure all of its generated links. This is where you’ll probably spend the most time within the system, digging through all of the analytics provided by the platform. You can also update your PDF from here, essentially changing its content after it’s been mailed out, which is great if you need to tweak your pricing or slip in a new FAQ that’s been coming up lately.

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When configuring links to your PDF, you have three options. You can create an individualized link that you’ll use to send the document out to a particular email, which will track that visitor within the system by that email. If they end up forwarding the link to anyone, DocSend will ask for their email when they view the document so they can be tracked too! You can also create a link specific to a group of people, and DocSend will ask for their email before viewing the document. The last option is what I use, which is to create a custom link which I use in my automated workflow to link everyone to a document. While it doesn’t ask for their email at any stage, individual visits are still tracked and with the geolocation stats, I can pretty easily link up which visit is from which potential client. No matter which method you choose, you can enable or disable downloading, enable an info request gateway (to gather emails, but it won’t be required to view the document), set an expiration date on the link, or password protect it.

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Per-Document Analytics

The depth of the analytics is pretty impressive. Across all visitors, this includes the average total percentage of the document viewed, average time spent on each page, a dropoff report (percentage of visitors that made it past each page), and a map of the geographic locations of your visitors.

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Per-Visit Analytics

For each individual document visit, the analytics also track the percentage of pages viewed, total time spent viewing the document, total time spent per page, the geographic location of the visitor, and what device/OS they viewed the document on.

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The No-Brainer Conclusion

When it comes to marketing and improving business processes, data is king. And DocSend provides boatloads of it around one of the most important client touch points. I highly recommend checking them out if you want to improve your marketing materials, and you can receive $15 off any plan by using this link to sign up.

Jon Lemon is the Editor-in-Chief of Resource Weddings and head of JC Lemon Photography, a wedding photography studio based in New York City. Known for capturing true moments of love in a modern and relaxed style, Jon also specializes in elopements (intimate weddings) in the NYC area. Being a self-taught photographer that slowly built up his business while working a desk job, he knows that any insight into running a better wedding photography business is advantageous in this competitive area of the photography industry.